Trifles light as air
01 / 28 / 22

The Friday OT: Yo Yo Ma plays Antonín Dvořák’s Cello concerto

Whether or not it’s the greatest concerto for cello is for somebody else to answer, but even a grunt like me knows that every world-class cello player has to master it, which leaves us with an embarrassment of riches and the question of which to choose. I was tempted to offer the famous Jacqueline du Pré concerto, conducted by her husband at the time Daniel Barenboim, in which she breaks a string (and fwiw her MS was diagnosed not long after the recording). But let’s go with Yo Yo Ma, as for one the sound recording technology had improved and for another, his name might get a few more people hitting play:

This is from 1995, conducted by Kurt Masur and gets rave reviews on YouTube.

01 / 28 / 22

Michael Iannacone resigns from Minera IRL

The two-faced enabler of fraud sneaks out the back door:

LIMA, Peru, Jan. 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Minera IRL Limited (“Minera” or the “Company”) (BVL:MIRL) (CSE:MIRL) announces that Michael Iannacone has resigned from the Company’s Board of Directors.

Mr. Iannacone has been an independent director of Minera since December 2016 and the Board of Directors and management team would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his contribution over the past 5 years.

About Minera IRL Limited

01 / 27 / 22

Advice on using Gatos Silver (GATO) to improve your social media mining timeline

A simple technique:

After spending half an hour on WhatsApp with a mining pal who, for some reason, still prefers to waste hours of his day on Twitter instead of enjoying life, I’d like to offer some advice to those of you still addicted to mining fintwit. The best advice would be to do like I did, leave Twitter and delete your account once and for all, but as that would traumatize most of you too much let’s go for the babysteps approach:

  • Go through your feed, noting the names of anyone who’s been talking up Gatos Silver (GATO) as “cheap”, “oversold”, a “speculative buy”, a “good risk/reward opportunity” or any other variety of speech that made it sound like a reasonable trade in the last day and a half, i.e. since the stock fell off its cliff. Note that we’re talking about people who saw the drop and then started talking up the stock as a potential trade, not anyone unlucky enough to be caught long by the news from the unholy criminals running the company.
  • Once you have your list of people who now think GATO is a buy, block them, or mute them, put them on ignore, or whatever you have to do these days to remove them from your timeline permanently. Anyone who spends their day talking about mining stocks that thought GATO a buy/spec buy/cheap/whatever doesn’t know what they are talking about. And that’s not a figure of speech, those people literally do not have a clue.
  • Your timeline may lose quantity, but its quality will improve immensely.

Would you buy a car from a salesperson who knows nothing about cars? Would you eat at a restaurant where nobody knows how to cook? Pay money to listen to an orchestra whose members don’t know how to play their instruments? Anyone on social media calling buy on GATO in the last day and a half simply does not understand what equity is and, as that’s exactly the thing you get when buying shares in a company, they are in essence telling you to do something from sheer ignorance. They don’t understand company financials, it’s that simple.

01 / 27 / 22

Novo Resources (NVO.to) and Bob Moriarty’s total radio silence

As Novo Resources (NVO.to) sails towards its inevitable destiny, it’s notable how Bob Moriarty has gone AWOL. Once upon a time he based a book on his top pick stock and, along with lionizing the object of his fantasies Quinton Hennigh, made sure he filled it full of lies and libel about your author. Strange how these days you can’t get a peep out of him about the company:

The pathetic wretch can’t handle reality, no glory and no guts either. Bob Moriarty is hate-mongerer, a racist, a coward, a liar, a profiteer from libel and a paid pumper of scams.

01 / 27 / 22

Copper: Is it safe to come out now?

Yes, it’s safe:

The fight is somewhere between U$4.55/lb and U$4.60/lb to the upside, it’s only a matter of time before it busts though. Stop playing puerile games with silver and other backwater minor metals, come and join the real action.