a plague o both your houses
10 / 15 / 21

The Friday OT: Ramiro Drisdale; Desea

Stupidly infectious beats on this link, or just do it here:

Love the progression, by the five minute point the kitchen sink has a track line. If you’re listening to this and driving, keep an eye on the speed limit.

10 / 15 / 21

Brent Cook Resources (MRZ.v): Still unresponsive

Nothing seems to get through to Brent Cook Resources (MRZ.v) these days, not even a rip-snorter of a relief rally in the metals and fellow mining companies:

The other amusing thing is the way all its newsletter pumpers are so quiet on the stock these days, preferring to whistle past the graveyard than admit to the failure and cost of promo’ing this waste of time as their Top Pick for years on end. For a while back then, every time they’d show on TV or at a conference it was a stone-cold certainty to hear MRZ picked at very top of their recommendations, their finest investment idea in the sector. These days, crickets.

So what were the names of MRZ’s perma-pumpers again? The ones now slinking in the background and refusing to man up to the failure? Darnit, the names escape me…but luckily, Stave Nano and Brent Cook are still best buddies and working together. In Australia.

Sneaky , two-faced people doing sneaky, two-faced things. At least with the Giustras of this world you know where you stand, he has the self-awareness to play up to his wide boy image.

10 / 15 / 21

The best speech from LME’s Copper Week

That was Neil Shearing, chief economist of Capital Economics, who on Monday warned us all that prices for copper were dropping and 2022 demand weakness in China would cause an extended price plateau. To quote the man, “In the short-term we’re facing demand weakening and prices falling in the copper sector.” And here’s a copper chart:

Ultimately Shearing’s is a commentary on raw materials, so let’s add a little more: You can start with raw idiots, give them an education, then a job and put them in expensive suits, but if they don’t pay attention they’ll remain idiots forever.

10 / 15 / 21

David Amess

Today is not a good day. R.I.P., sir.

10 / 14 / 21

Checking in on the “Buy Peru” call…

…made by this desk on Wednesday October 6th, on hearing that Guido Bellido had been fired as Prime Minister by President Hat. Here’s the iShares MSCI Peru ETF, a.k.a. the ticker EPU which tracks the country’s BVL stock market main index:

It gets even better if you compare its fortunes to that of neighbour Chile (and the SPX for scale):

Just saying.