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A shameless stock pump: Discovery Silver (DSV.v)

Subscribers of The IKN Weekly know I own and recommend just one silver stock, namely Discovery Silver (DSV.v) and today, that fact gets plastered here on the open blog. Why so? Because after an hourlong Zoom call with the extremely patient Forbes Gemmell and Taj Singh of DSV this morning, who kindly fielded my endless string of dumb questions and pretended they were interesting, I came away even more convinced this is a clear winner for 2022 no matter what metal it aims to mine. So, when looking at the silver market today and what this market’s Omicron nerves have decided to do to the price of SLV this week…

…it’s about time you realized it’s now beyond silly to see DSV down at C$1.65. Anything under $2.00 is a great entry point, esteemed readers, today is pure gravy. We can think about the past as well…

…because unlike the vast majority of silver stocks, DSV has held onto the gains it made in the post-Covid19 lockdown period of 2020. Not all silver stocks are the same, DSV at Cordero stands head and shoulders above a sub-sector infamously populated by mediocrity and crud, so leave the stupidities to others and back real-deal companies. Subscribers of The IKN Weekly should expect a deep dive on DSV in IKN654 this Sunday including words, numbers, graphs and visuals. However, the rest of you don’t need to pay for or read the Weekly, just leave your near-term nerves about this market to one side and back a real silver winner for 2022. It’s called Discovery Silver and its share price will be a lot higher once the current rough period for its main payable metal is behind us.

Full disclosure: Long DSV and not paid for coverage, ever. Not in this stock, not any stock. Ever. My independence is way more valuable than your money.


    Why only DSV.
    What are your thoughts about SILV ?

    Is GATO legitimate slver junior or just a PUMP.
    I t looks that you are just one of the few who are willing to give honest opinion who ” promotes the whole in the ground, and stand o top of it “


      Just like anyone else, I have preferences. BTW, if you’re compiling a list of quality silver stocks make sure Alexco is on it.

        Alex Philadelphia 02/12/21 6:20 pm

        Thank you
        I do not have enough skills to evaluate
        The project/ company
        While I did like AXU ( location and asset wise ) if sounds that very significant portion of revenue belongs to royalty companies
        So I passed.
        Thank you again fir your answer


          AXU: i understand your pass (again, I only own one AG play) but the subject is quality (or lack of), not price. The asset is the gift that will keep on giving and CEO Nauman is second to none, period. So perhaps consider the price you’d pay for a quality stock, rather than taking a snapshot of price/value at any given time.


    Hey, thanks for the fastest 7% I’ve made in a long time . . . (unrealized, of course)


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