And thereby hangs a tale

Almaden’s (AMM.to) (AAU) Ixtaca concessions are cancelled by Mexico’s Supreme Court

This desk can only suppose that the only reason AMM isn’t dumping seriously hard, instead of merely giving up the few pennies of rebound we’ve seen in the past couple of weeks, is that the market hasn’t understood the disaster that has just befallen the company at the hands of Mexico’s Supreme Court. For sure the cryptically-worded NR out of the company didn’t make it clear, but what else would you expect of the serial liars running the company?

So be clear: The Supreme Court has cancelled the Ixtaca concessions because they were granted illegally and against the wishes of locals, who had the right of prior consultancy but were not consulted. It’s taken them nearly two decades to kick this disgusting and deceitful company out of their locality, who for all that time were the source of endless falsehoods and doublespeak about their supposed positive and strong relations with local residents. It was a nefarious fantasy from the start and now the truth is out: The Mexican locals have won their case and the Canadian liars have lost. And that is good.

The paid pumper Gerardo del Real should hang his head in shame. You’re as bad a liar as your paymasters, Gerardo, an utter fraud.


    Jerry Los Angeles 18/02/22 10:09 am

    “nobody ever says thank you for exposing them”

    Well, then let me say Thank You.


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