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Great Panther Mining: Garofalo the coward refuses to answer questions (and mining hacks refuse to ask them)

Further to the story broken by IKN of the U$9m fine handed down by Brazil’s environmental authority to Great Panther Mining (GPL) (GPR.to) last month, plus the absolutely and totally coincidental news the same day that erstwhile GPL Chair David Garofalo had resigned effective immediately, Canadians will be relieved that they no longer need to rely on scratchy and unreliable backwater blogs for real news. It needed a few days and a professional reporter and notably, it took a generalist publication to get the real work done instead of Canada’s corrupt lapdog mining media “professionals” but coverage has arrived. Real journalist Niall McGee of Canada’s Globe And Mail reached out to David Garofalo for comment on the way he sneaked out the back door of Great Panther Mining (GPL) (GPR.to) on December 28th like a cowardly little boy, rather than standing up and owning his error like a man. The report is dated January 2nd, the title is Brazil fines Canadian miner Great Panther for cyanide leak at gold mineand here’s how it went down:

The same day SEMA made its ruling public, Great Panther announced the resignation of its chairman, Mr. Garofalo. No mention was made of the leak at the Tucano mine, or the fine. In a statement, Great Panther said Mr. Garofalo was leaving because he needed “to focus on other business commitments.”

Mr. Garofalo did not respond to a request for comment.

Then later:

Great Panther’s departing chairman, Mr. Garofalo, is also the former chief executive officer of both Hudbay Mining, a major Canadian base metals miner, and Goldcorp, which was once the most valuable gold miner in the world. Goldcorp under Mr. Garofalo was sold in 2019 to U.S. competitor Newmont Corp. after multiple operational stumbles.

That’s how reporters are supposed to work and while IKN realizes it unlikely, if any of the purveyors of corporate fake news and biased slush that passes for journalism at Mining Dot Com, Mining Journal, Kitco, etc etc try to do their jobs instead of merely vomiting re-phrased company NRs and pretending to be reporters, it wouldn’t be that difficult to find David Garofalo and scoop McGee on a first quote. After all, David Garofalo is still CEO of Gold Royalty Corp (GROY), a public and quoted company with an IR desk and everything. And what a surprise and shocking coincidence, a fellow C-suiter at GROY is Alan Hair, the very same person who replaced him at HudBay and most recently at Great Panther. So, are any of you self-important dilettantes up for the task, or are you too busy collecting stuffed envelopes and accepting tasty festive gifts from your Rolodex of C-suite pals?


    MJ published this on Dec 30th Great Panther fined for Brazil cyanide discharge


      With zero mention of the coward. You’re happy with journalism like that? I mean, quite seriously, the chair of a company resigns on the same day and you don’t think that’s important? You use milquetoast slop and half-baked bias as a defence? Have you been conditioned that much, so as to accept any old coverage and think it’s an answer to this post?


    “Where there is no accountability, there will also be no responsibility.” – Sunday Adelaja
    In my profession we are held to “professional accountability” Mr Garofalo is a Chartered Accountant. Does his profession not also hold him accountable? It appears that “slipping out the back door” is acceptable, while an ecosystem was severely damaged in Brazil during his watch as CEO. Such a crime!


      Garofalo was Chair of Great Panther, rather than CEO. I totally agree with the rest of your comment, however.

      Note the CEO of GPL is still there, Rob Henderson is the same person who was fired from Amerigo Resources for making a mess of that company.


    MJ wrote… “Subsequent to the fine, on December 28, chair David Garofalo resigned his post in order to focus on other business commitments. Garofalo did not respond to a Mining Journal request for information.”


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