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In The IKN Weekly this Sunday

Yes some Minera IRL, as we run the numbers and consider its future on the news that it still owns its project. However, it may come as a surprise to obsessed blog commenters that there are plenty of other investment options in the weird and wonderful world of junior mining, such as the real main event this weekend; it’s time to revisit Excelsior Mining (MIN.to) because it’s obvious nobody else has run the numbers on the stock recently. If they had, it’d be way over a Loonie by now.

And other things, too. The IKN Weekly; A regular reminder that you spend too much money.


    Nikko Montreal Ouest 13/11/20 7:59 am

    My first time testing the waters with your rec…bought a bit of MIN.to at .82 in my TFSA. Tiny position of 5000 shares. Sold some KL to buy it which has been a 10 bagger already for me.


    The money spent is a relative pittance compared to the potential losses sustained and portfolio drawdown borne otherwise. It’s a good value, man.


    Checkmate Diego…..loser Otto….Diego gets to keep his candy store, eat his candy, in perpetuity.


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