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Kuya Silver (KUYA.cse) pays for dumb analysis

Gotta wonder how stupid the CEO is if he actually pays for this tripe. Apparently, junior mining fundamental analysis now consists of stealing other people’s numberwork, then adding exclamation marks to the script.

We know Erik Wetterling is part of the Quinton Hennigh P.T. Barnum PhD package, along with Bob Jewhater Moriarty. Were you obliged to pay him, David Stein? Are you now embarrassed about being the centerpiece of his latest amateur hour ? Don’t you, as an ex-sell side analyst now witnessing Wetterling lift a sell side house’s work without a moment’s pause, find it morally abhorrent to pay this fake for stealing the work of others?

And BTW Erik, if you don’t know how to do to the difficult math, just say so! We can help, happy to teach you a few basics before you get laughed totally out the room.


    You rock, Mark! Keep the knowledge bombs coming..


    Whose work was it that was stolen? Give some credit.
    You’re speaking of sell side house, so its not your work.


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