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Lawrence Lepard, Twitter scamster and snake-oil salesman

Who remembers how Lawrence Lepard, that two-faced broker to rich naive Americans, lit up Twitter trying to pump RISE Gold (RISE.cse)? How he screamed and shouted about the incredibly cheap ounces and how it would be only a matter of time?

You might also remember how he “forgot” he was being brought in as a director, of course. And that the project was a long-standing environmental disaster that faces massive local opposition. Or that in Ben Mossman, the company has a CEO with a proven track record of contempt and complete disregard for the environment, with criminal prosecutions and for his disgusting business habits to his name already. That was a C$1.00 stock when the liar and white-collar criminal Lepard was trying to fob it off on Twitter.

And then there’s Amarillo Gold (AGC.v), the scamster Lepard’s other gig that is so poor, even Eric Sprott walked away when it was time to fund the capex:

Amarillo is going nowhere fast, meanwhile Lawrence Lepard continues to enjoy spending your money and this year is one of the star speakers at the upcoming New Orleans show (a conference that’s gone downhill fast if this is all they can attract). This humble corner of cyberspace made a point of warning you about the snake oil salesman Lepard last year and we were right and saved IKN readers money. How many of you Twitter Morons fell for this parasite’s spiel?


    Good to know to avoid this guy — he looks like a real piece of work. Thank God the only AGC shares I own were bought when you recommended it, 4 months back. Only down 16% or so . . .


      Ok, but if you’re going to troll me by copying the purchase, you should have sold with me, too. I got out UNCH.


        Volume kind of sucked then, and I kind of forgot to pay attention and get out if I had the chance. No worries though, you recommend a stock, that doesn’t make you responsible for what it does or if I choose to buy it. I’m just giving you a bit of stick for changing your mind, but that’s part of investing. No biggie.


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