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Level 14 Ventures (LVL.cse): Another Laskowski/Sandstorm/Pathway scam

The people behind Level 14 Ventures (LVL.cse) will try their hardest to frame Colpayoc as The Next Yanacocha, what with it being about 10km as the crow flies from Newmont’s gig and the same type of low grade gold mineralization that they’ll market as Peru’s next open pit story. In fact, LVL.cse is better understood as The Next Pucara Gold (TORO.v), the unholy scam foisted upon the world by the Pathway Capital/Sandstorm team. Colpayoc was once owned by Kwith Laskowski’s Estrella Gold, a “project generator” failure ten years ago that crashed and burned all its shareholders money. In the case of Colpayoc, community relations got so bad that the company people were literally chased off by irate locals. Estrella went belly-up, Colpayoc was “handed back” but once the public company deal fell apart, the Colpayoc project somehow landed in a private company called Bridle Capital owned by David De Witt, Andrew Swarthout and….wow what a surprise…Keith Laskowski, who these days works as geologist at Sandstorm Gold and was also a key player in the Pucara deal. And now that trio have managed to sell Colpayoc to a Pathway Capital vehicle, the very same people who financed the Pucara Gold scam in 2020 and 2021. My stars, what a coincidence! Funny how Laskowski managed to retain ownership of Colpayoc all this time and then find a friendly buyer, isn’t it?

So now, retail suckers, get ready to receive the full-court Vancouver marketing spiel from the tried and tested pay-to-play pumphouse, as De Witt, Laskowski and the other Sandstorm backroom boys and girlz proceed in exchanging their papers for your cash. Just don’t expect the locals around Colpayoc to be as enthusiastic about the prospects of a mine as the slick-talking marketeers getting paid to extol LVL’s virtues via your social media channel of choice.


    Gatos, the gift that keeps on giving.

    Gatos Silver Reports Temporary Suspension of Mine Operations


    A Beaten Down Prospectors Cabin In The Woods The Deep Dark Woods of British Columbia 28/04/22 8:01 am

    There’s always lottery ticket buyers – somewhere


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