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Mako Mining and political risk

With ESG and CSR of growing importance in the mining world, making sure your average junior mining CEO understands the risks involved in their country of operation is becoming an essential DD element for investors in the sector. But the good news is that, what with the advent of social media and interwebs channels of interaction and fun, these days it’s increasingly easy to reach out and talk with the people in charge and especially if your favourite company boss has an active presence and makes a point of using the opportunity to interact with people. So, as the CEO of Mako Mining (MKO.v) is always up for a Twitter exchange or willing to show off his dazzling repartee on the bulletin board of your choice to explain and reassure how great his company is, why not ask his opinion on country and political risk in Nicaragua? Wouldn’t it be strange if the normally vociferous and opinionated Akiba Leisman suddenly went quiet and didn’t have a single word to say about President Daniel Ortega, the government of Nicaragua, its false and staged election this year, the sanctions now being ratcheted up on Nicaragua by real democracies, China’s increasing presence in Nicaragua, the methods Ortega uses to retain his grip on power, his off-radar business dealings, his dictatorship’s attitude toward democracy and free elections, human rights, press freedom, political prisoners, summary incarcerations of opposition leaders, police torture methods, widespread reports sexual abuse of detainees, the fear among the general population has of speaking out, etc etc…y’know, the petty, trivial stuff going on right under his nose.

It’s dryly amusing to witness the brave hoards of North American internet warriors rail about the spread of Communism in The USA and Canada and swear blind that the milquetoast fop Justin Trudeau represents an existential threat to their way of life, but happily sponsor a company like Mako Mining and buy and hold its shares without a second thought of the consequences. Ignorance is bliss after all, but as Akiba cannot claim the same innocence ask him his opinion of Nicaragua in 2021 and all that lovely, soft and cuddly freedom its people enjoy. Knowing Akiba, he’ll look on the bright side and explain how the grinding poverty caused by the Dictator Ortega and his oppressive regime keeps his wage bill low. Bless his heart… and Aloha shareholders!

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    Start with a simple task, get him to say anything about Ortega. Have fun, interwebz warriorz!


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