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Minera IRL (MIRL.cse): A quick word on today’s NR

For what it’s worth, I’m good with the contents of today’s NR out of MIRL. A fair, balanced and open explanation of where we are today from the company’s point of view, all those things are most welcome. We will now see if they deliver in the current extension period, ending October 28th. The ball is in their court and it is also up to the company to deliver us news in a timely way, rather than wait for annoyed bloggers to poke them with pointy sticks.


    Their strategy is working!

    15 possible financiers sound like a lot of interest…can anyone comment if that is an unusual high number? That would be pleasantly welcome.


    How many years of dead money is this now? July 2012, wasn’t it?


      Other people’s frustration and misery creates an opportunity for those of us who are new to the story. (hopefully).


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