And thereby hangs a tale

Minera IRL (MIRL.cse): “…two of the three knew Mr. Benavides from the past…”

Ain’t that the truth!

A board populated by lawyers has just written you a mail that it took weeks to get right, all while the company refused to speak to shareholders. Think about wording, fellow CS members, there are a dozen sophistries like the one above in the mail sent today. Also, now that the investigation is over the IR and communications desks have run out of excuses not to field your calls, mails etc, try asking them for something not contained in that mail. This desk predicts you’ll get nothing of substance back as they’ll constantly refer you to the findings of the whitewash report.

PS: This is an interesting read.


    The audacity on display by these palsy-walsy insiders is all to common because they get away with it. In the under regulated world of the TSXV junior mining index they always do. Only when they burn the wrong person do they pay. The TSXV got better for a while but now it’s sunk again. Fool me once… Leave it! It wants to commit suicide, let it. There are better avenues for your risk capital.
    Sorry to be so glum.


      It’s an understandable position, Mister Fir. As you’ve mentioned in other comments, it’s unsurprising that new risk capital is not arriving in explorecos any longer and the new generation of capitalist go-getters prefer rolling the dice on crypto. There’s simply no need to feather the nests of others when the odds are stacked from the start and the people who run the junior in question simply don’t care about shareholders, they consider us meal-tickets. But knowing mining as I do, there are also a host of real people in the jr world trying to create real wealth for all. I graduated from flipping a long time ago and it’s why my larger money is tied up in companies like Minera Alamos and Rio2. They will dig a hole in the ground, make a profit out of it and create wealth for themselves, their backers, their employees etc. They work for their rewards, the people in that photo above are freeloaders on the back of real miners. Fake is fake, it shows eventually.


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