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Novo Resources (NVO.to): Bob Moriarty’s top pick hits new lows

Bob Moriarty should spend less time obsessing over the sex lives of underage boys and more time doing DD on mining companies. The Novo Resources (NVO.to) 4q21 production NR out this morning is another in its series of trainwrecks, with less than 3,700oz gold produced in December 2021. For context, exactly one month ago on December 13th, NVO announced it would produce 5,500oz gold that very same month.

These jokers can’t predict their own production schedule 18 days into the future, but “Fingers” Bob and his muse Quinton also want you to believe in NVO’s five year plan! It’s so pathetic it’s funny, unless you bought Moriarty’s constant, multi-year nonsensical blatherings about this stock, of course…no laughing matter for you any longer. And while that chart above is on your mind, it’s worth recalling how Bob Moriarty said NVO would be a 100k oz gold producer by the end of 2021. That implies an average production of over 8,000oz/month, a figure achieved once before the operation began its flame-out. To add insult to injury, today NVO also put asterisks against its already substantially reduced production guidance for 2022. It’s madness, an amateur hour charade built for greenhorns and typical of the tripe that paid pumper Bob Moriarty would have you buy.

As for the rest of the NVO NR today, most salient is cash down by over C$11m on the quarter and a clear window on how unprofitable this company is. We also note NVO still owned its 15m shares of New Found Gold as at December 31st, but even those are worth C$14m less now than at the report date. No wonder the stock is plumbing new lows this morning and no wonder the blowhard Moriarty is conspicuous by his absence. The silence of the coward.


    Novo has basically morphed into a piece of New Found Gold. They got nothing but sand to mine in Australia. The theory was all bullshit. I hope NFG really has something of value.


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