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Pan American Silver’s (PAAS) La Arena mine blockaded by locals

Long story short, locals are fed up with the way PAAS has been treating them and not treating the local water supply, which according to them has deteriorated markedly in quality. This weekend, after another fruitless meeting that ended up with a local woman beating the PAAS CSR with her walking stick out of sheer frustration, the locals have decided enough is enough and don’t want to hear the lies from this company any longer. The mine is now under blockade.


    What does the science say? Water quality is easy enough to measure quantitatively….. before and after including source of any particulates. No need to call in a witch doctor.


      Carl Sagan in the house.

      PAAS is a serial bad actor and it’s easy to side with the locals on this. Its CSR at La Arena and Shahuindo is awful.


    How is Peru a mining friendly jurisdiction when operating mines are being constantly successfully blockaded and shut down by the locals? At Las Bambas its like whack-a-mole with one local community on the road standing down from their blockade only to have a neighboring community start a new blockade. Even locally owned Peruvian outfit like BVN not immune, had to shut down big silver mine due to community blockade.


      How is North America a mining-friendly jurisdiction when its mining companies treat human beings with total disdain and then, if any community with centuries of history in the place they set up operations dares to complain, whine and moan about being hard done by?


        I do not want la arena in my back yard. NIMBY. But you cant have it both ways…cant claim peru is “mining friendly” when peruvian gubmint allow locals to shut down permitted mines with blockades because locals want bigge bite of apple after fact. Peru gubmint is changing rules of mining after mining investment been made on accout of gubmit promises. Peru=Mali from mining risk.


          So you’re allowed to paint with a broad brush, but nobody else can.



            paint with a broad brush? What do you mean with that comment? I am only stating obvious. Long term capital investments were made in Peru based on promises made by peru government. Clearly peru government cant honor its promises so peru risk= mali risk.Would China invest their money in Las bambas if peru gubmint told china at outset chinese mine could not operate because peru gubmint powerless to stop locals blockade? Obviously not.

            Try starting at the Peru wikipedia page (y’knows, the basics) and check on the main economic activities and exports of Peru. Then look at the number of wokring mines in the country. Then maybe if you can be bothered, the number of direct and indirect jobs due to mining in the country. Then, once you’ve done all that, count up the number of disputes that ever get to the point of blockades and community action against the mines. Broad brushes.

    Peru has a history of nationalizing mines. Will history rhyme? Mining not important enough to peru economy and gubmint tax revenue for gubmint to halt blockades…votes more important to getting politicians into power and shutting down mines in peru is a big vote getter. You will get your high copper price on back of lack of copper supply from mines.


      No me di cuenta que estoy en presencia de semejante experto en el tema. X lo tanto, que tal si pasamos al castellano para continuar esa conversacion? Obviamente vas a saber manejar la idioma.


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