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Rise Gold (RISE.cse), a shorter’s dream

You ought to check out this link to The Union, a newspaper in the Nevada County CA USA region that has an impressive amount of reporting and news on Rise Gold (RISE.cse) and its application to re-open the Idaho-Maryland gold mine in the locality. If you ever had the feeling Lawrence Lepard wasn’t telling you everything about the company and its application, your feelings were well-placed. Russia has more chance of winning the Eurovision Song Contest than RISE has of getting these permits.


    […] Rise Gold (RISE.cse), a shorter’s dream […]

    Mark Johnson Grass Valley, Ca. 18/04/22 7:25 pm

    Thank you for the update and also alerting others to the large amount of negative baggage that Ben Mossman carries on his shoulders. This ‘Executive” sullies the name of every mining organization, worldwide and leaves responsibility for his blunders to private citizens to remediate. Kudos to IKN for shining a beacon… please continue the excellent coverage regarding RISE and Ben Mossman.


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