And thereby hangs a tale

Smells like a bottom

We still have the jobs report on Friday to get through, and of course the Ukraine situation could be anything at any time, but…

…gold is reacting well to the FOMC and if my recent purchases were one week too early, I won’t turn my nose up. Sector sentiment has been in the dumpster recently, also a good sign. Woof.


    Negative real interest rates and policymakers stimulating the economy? It’s That 70s Show.

    A Beaten Down Prospectors Cabin In The Woods The Deep Dark Woods of British Columbia 04/05/22 12:29 pm

    Diesel shortages and rapidly escalating diesel prices may end up being a house wrecker for Gold stocks …..



    Come over to the energy market where companies are trading at 15-50% FCF and are returning money to the shareholders (a la Amerigo). Driving season and China reopening might push WTI much higher by July. Still holding some quality junior miners but regretting it more by the day.


    Bad smell today.


    what do you think of an march 2020?


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