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Some weekend reading on Nicaragua and gold mining

First there’s this, with Nicaragua announcing this month that gold mining exports are set to grow by 38% in 2021 compared to 2020, with an estimated U$870m in gold set to be shipped from the country, providing (we quote), “…the benefit of foreign currency to the Central American nation” and several quotes from an obviously happy Nicaraguan Central Bank. The report mentions Calibre Mining, Plantel Los Ángeles, Hemco (part of Mineros SA) and Mako Mining by name.

Then there’s this:

Amid the Political Crisis in Nicaragua, Foreign Gold Mining Companies Amplify the Repression

Click that title for the whole thing, a fascinating article that explains how the gold mining industry is being use to prop up the Daniel Ortega regime, both via the access it gives the country to US Dollars and the repression techniques used by the dictatorship when it’s time to award new concessions and permits to foreign mining companies. Calbre Mining gets plenty of airtime in this report, which ends in this way:

Foreign mining corporations operating in Nicaragua must face accountability for their role in the violent dispossession of Indigenous and Afro-descendant peoples. The United States, Canada, and European countries taking action against the government of Nicaragua must hold their own corporations accountable. If these countries are truly concerned with human rights abuses in Nicaragua, they must call out the complicity of these companies in the violence currently afflicting the people of Nicaragua under the Ortega-Murillo regime.

And that’s Daniel Ortega, folks: Using your investment dollars to Make Central America Great Again.


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    […] As smooth as silk, you guys must be pleased with yourselves. That milquetoast balderdash compares to the reality of Nicaragua in 2022, starting with last year’s fake election and the arbitrary imprisonment of opposition politicals on spurious charges just because they decided to run against the Dictator Daniel Ortega. Then the subsequent increase in sanctions imposed on Nicaragua by The USA and others, the documented cases of torture of opposition voices, the corrupt activities of the government inner circle (especially apt when we’re talking mining) and let’s not forget Nicaragua’s staunch recent defense of Russia and its decision to invade Ukraine. Notably, CNR’s Chair and CEO Mark Child recently spent a cosy 90 minutes with Ortega and came away so impressed with him, he could help but extol Ortega’s virtues afterwards. I wonder how forcefully Mr Childs pushed his point about peaceful dialogue between parties while enjoying his tete-a-tete with Dannyboy ? It also compares to this: […]


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