And thereby hangs a tale

Time to answer Bob Moriarty’s burning question

He once asked, “What became of the crow?

The answer: You didn’t eat it, Bob. Instead, it was force-fed down your throat while the whole market watched, pointing at you and laughing hard. And the laughter drove the scene on, so another portion was prepared you and the public force-feeding continued. Then another portion, and another, and another, and another. Hilarity for one and all, except you of course.

Whoever you are, Fabrix, this was great. Keep em coming. And Bon Appetit, Bob!

PS: Aside from that Fabrix post, don’t do what I’ve just done and spend time reading that NVO board. It’s a wasteland and painful reading, pure bears (or bashers, if you prefer), hardly any bulls and the only person defending the stock is some whacko called tradehead who claims accounting ability but doesn’t even know the difference between stock and flow. If it weren’t for the Bob Moriarty truth revealing show there would be nothing left at NVO. I mean, even P.T. Barnum PhD has worked that one out.


    Laughing at you, Bob. Go on, tell us how you write a whole libellous book about your Top Pick, call it the discovery of the century, then try to wriggle and worm your way out of your own failed opinion when it goes wrong.

    Ha. Ha. Ha.

    The only difference between IKN and the rest of the market is that here, you get ridiculed to your face. The rest laugh behind your back.


    Novo is a garbage stock. I knew it from the Denver midnight fiasco.


    Moron-arity, another homeless vet ready to hit the pavement raving about his Novo exploits.


      Nothing homeless about the wretch; he’s filled his pockets with filthy lucre by playing both ends of the game for decades.


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