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Two more suggestions for the Integra Resources (ITR.v) problem

In “How do you solve a problem like Integra?” dated March 22nd, this humble corner of cyberspace offered up an idea or two on how to turn around Integra Resources (ITR.v), the Idaho-based exploreco whose PFS got the big thumbs-down from Mr. Market back in February. But since that post…

…the bleeding at ITR hasn’t stopped, so here are another couple of suggestions that long-suffering shareholders in the stock might want to consider:

  1. Change the management. At this stage, it goes without saying that the people running the show dropped the ball bigtime and chose a bad strategy. Since then all we’ve seen from the company is a desire to award insiders RSUs and just to plough on with the same corporate plan. It therefore stands to reason that if the direction of the company is wrong, the easiest solution is to change the directors. ITR is keenly in need of new blood and ideas to turn its fortunes around and by all evidence, it’s not going to come from the current board or bunch of entrenched C-suiters.
  2. Ask the experts. After all, on the other end of this blog is just some mouthy git with weirdo opinions, right? So instead of listening to me and my suggestion to add shareholder value via spincos, why not ask the legion of sell side anal ysts that cover the stock? Here’s the official list, as per the latest corporate presentation:

Wow, what a long list! However did they manage to attract this much attention? As you can see there are plenty to choose from and, in an amazing coincidence, all ten of those market visionaries have maintained their staunch “buy” calls on the stock and even today, still think ITR is a buy. What’s more, they also typically think the stock is at least a double and often a triple from its current share price, so surely this band of independent, free-thinking and insightful experts of the mining world can come up with a few ideas to improve the lot of this sorry share price action.

Am I right? Am I? But hey, like I say there’s no need to ask me, take your pick from the above names and get some smart advice from the people who encouraged their clients to buy and hold ITR….all the way down.


    Or ask Max Baker, the VP Expl who was smart enough to dump his shares at $4+ prices over a year ago. He seems to get the picture, maybe he should be promoted


    […] Two more suggestions for the Integra Resources (ITR.v) problem […]


    Roth Capital are total scum. Any mining co. doing business or seeking to do business with them is also scum.


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