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1) No news is good news 2) Belo Sun (BSX.to) has news 3) Not good for Belo Sun

One thing that your average junior gold mining company doesn’t want in its permitting track is an overdose of political eyes looking at its project, kicking up a fuss and making noise in the media, particularly if your project is looking for its key environmental permit and has already been loudly opposed by the locals around it. The company would much prefer things to be contained and managed deep inside the ministry, with publicity-seeking politicos and the national public kept away. Especially true when the country in question has just seen a massive tailings dam failure and you plan to build a massive tailings dam that will hold back all the nasties you need to process away from your gold that will be right next to a major river.
Therefore the news yesterday that National (not regional) politico Telmário Mota, a senator for the PDT party, wants to hold a full public hearing in Brazil’s Committee on Environment, Consumer Protection, Inspection and Control in the national parliament in Brasilia about the Belo Sun (BSX.to) Volta Grande project is not good news for the company. Not one little bit.
Among other things, Mr. Mota is demanding a full public inquiry regarding all benefits and risks of the project, including a study on the impact of any eventual mine to local population centres, larger downstream populations and the regional biodiversity. He also wants all stakeholders to appear at the hearings, including BSX.to executives, enviro people IBAMA, the National
Indigenous Foundation “Funai”, the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) and
third party mining specialists. Supporting his cause is another Senator from the PSDB-PA party, Flexa Ribeiro, who is caling for Pará regional bigwigs to appear.
You still think BSX will get its EIA this year? Or even this decade? 

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