More matter with less art

10 – 2 = -0.51

The last time the math for the “10-Year Treasury Constant Maturity Minus 2-Year Treasury Constant Maturity” (a mouthful, I know) was this negative was February 1982:

The yield curve inversion is getting steeper, the DXY is making new highs this evening and while inflation readings in the weeks to come may show stagflation is still in play, that’s not likely to help gold from now to Friday. Happy to be proven wrong, but U$1,600/oz now looks in the cards.


    “Copper Mountain Mining Receives Reclamation Award”

    Well they will not receive a reward from investors


    This is my perspective on the POG — it doesn’t affect my investing, since it doesn’t translate into trading, and usually I hold a company because it has a story that is separate from the POG — but FWIW, here it is.

    It’s just this — gold tends to move violently, it’s hard to predict. If it were easy to predict, it wouldn’t move violently, because the movements would get baked in by the market. Each violent move tends to reverse. This is the 6th such since 2016.


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