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2014 shows a big drop in the number of deaths in the Peru mining sector

I’m not fully sure what to make of this. Is it because some of the more dangerous mines are now closed or under new (better) management? Is it a pure stats anomaly? Has the MEM counting method changed? Are the tougher H&S rules in Peru finally paying off? A combo of factors (my best guess)? But what we do have is an interesting development so perhaps the best thing to do is take the figures at face value and be done. Here we go:
According to Peru Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM) data, updated to December 1st 2014 (i.e. includes all of November), in the first 11 months of 2014 there were 24 mortal accidents (i.e. deaths) reported in the Peruvian mining sector. Even without knowing December’s total yet, this is a big drop in the number of deaths in Peru’s mines. Here’s the chart:
And if we focus in on the last few years and check out the monthly totals, we see there were zero deaths registered in October and November this year. 
That’s the first time there has been a zero death month in Peru’s mines since September 2000 (yup, 14 years). And we haven’t just had one, but two on the trot.
This is a good thing. Let it continue.

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