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30 million ounces of gold; a real problem for any Russian millionaire

No jokes in Spanish about salami, please

But fear ye not! Because although being handed 30m oz of gold on a plate may be a real problem for any aspiring miner, Andre Agapov of Rusoro (RML.v) says he’s broad-shouldered enough to take on this grave responsibility.

I may be scathing of Bloomberg some (!) of the time, but every now and again they come out with a gem of a report. That happened today with this note linked here. Go read all of Rusoro Says It Is ‘Preferred Partner’ for Gold Mine by Stewart Bailey but don’t miss this killer line from the interview he got from Agapov;

“Gold Reserve and Crystallex had to find common ground and approach the ministry and they would have gotten their permit a long time ago.” The delay “is causing us problems. People are losing faith. I’m willing to make it my problem and solve the situation.”

So, RML.v wants to muscle in and steal the concessions with the help of the Venezuelan gov’t (which will happen), but the delay the victims have been experiencing with getting permits to mine is a big problem for Rusoro! File this in the “you can’t make this shit up” file. Truly wonderful.

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