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4q14 G&A per gold ounce of a selection of junior and senior producers

Here’s a chart:
EDR did a good job of keeping its office costs down this quarter. The ‘new normal’ seems to be between $60/oz and $80/oz and there’s no reason why any comapny should be spending more than that, I’d vouch. Meanwhile if you want to use gold taps in your office bathroom, go work for a silver mining company (though FVI and GPR are bound to tell you that layoffs and severance cheques are part of that gig, as in 3q14 both those were around $100/oz).
Here’s the table that made that chart, for reference purposes:
Ticker 4q14 G&A ($m) Oz Au or AuEq prod $ G&A/oz
EDR 1.572 44286 35.50
RIO 2.835 57908 48.96
EDV 7.5 119729 62.64
ABX 102 1527000 66.80
FR 4.21 60679 69.38
KGC 51.2 672051 76.18
RIC 1.945 23854 81.54
BTO 9.957 118953 83.71
AR 3.733 44312 84.24
TGD 2.53 25007 101.17
GPR 1.868 13015 143.53
FVI 5.209 32156 161.99
in case of silver
mines, conversion to AuEq done at 70/1

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