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7.4 mag earthquake off Ecuador (USGS now calling it a 7.8mag)

Undersea, 10km depth, tsunami warning in place.
Here’s the USGS page. The USGS is nowcalling it at 7.8 and if so, that’s not just a big one, it’s massive. Also by the looks of the updated map it seems they’re calling it on the coast rather than out at sea.
But 7.4 or 7.8 this is a serious quake, wishing those close all the best.

UPDATE: Not good. Ecuador’s Vice-President Jorge Glass has just appeared on TV to confirm the first reports of fatalities, 16 people in the nearby town of Manta. I’d hope it weren’t so, but in all likelihood number is going to rise as the hours pass.

UPDATE 2: That’s now 28 dead. IKN now signs off on this story, way too big for this little blog, go find it in the major news services.

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