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A big weekend for LatAm mining politics

First up we have Argentina and the Chubut vote on the “zonification” of the Meseta region of the province, tomorrow Friday (early morning, too). If voted up, this would finally allow one of Pan American Silver’s (PAAS) long-term white elephants to move forward and become a mine. However, jungle drums now say that the decision is likely to go against the pro-mining and the law project voted down. Although you can never say for certain in the Basket Case Country until the votes are in, that result would be a serious reversal for the national government’s push to become more pro-mining. Second up the Presidential election in Ecuador on Sunday and, no matter how the main vote goes, expect the Cuenca region to vote anti-mining in the extra referendum questions they have on their ballot. Anyone long Ecuador should be closing off their trades today, the spin the Ecuador mining people are going to put on this will surely amuse. As for the main event, there are several reasons why an Arauz clean win in Round One would be better for mining than an Arauz run-off win, because then it all gets complicated. So plenty of actionable political news in The IKN Weekly this Sunday evening, subscribers, as well as all the normal piffle and balderdash nobody ever reads.

UPDATE: Instead of suffering a loss, Governor Arcioni did a U-turn and stopped the extraordinary session in Chubut from taking place today.

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