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A blast from the past on Tia Maria

Back in December 2013 IKN ran this post, entitled “How to get a “social licence” in Peru” which has been getting a whole bunch of new visitors this week. It covered the fake community approval process that Southern Copper (SCCO) ran on the people of Islay and the country in general in conjunction with the government of Peru. It included this as one of the segments:

“…Peru’s State news agency gets to trumpet the whole process, everybody happy, merry navidad and a prosperous año nuevo for all, right? And later down the line, when SCCO gets its EIA permit (because that’s a given now) everybody will swear blind that the locals approved of the mine plan back in 2013. They’ll also scratch their heads and wonder just why they’re all suddenly protesting against the development, blocking roads, causing mayhem etc when SCCO tries to start the build-out.”

Bottom line: One we got right at this humble corner of cyberspace.. Those who are wondering why the whole Tia Maria community situation keeps spinning out of control would do well to read the whole thing.

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