Every why hath a wherefore

A bottom signal for juniors

A subscriber mail today, worried about the price action in Minera Alamos.

This desk has been quietly waiting for that signal. The bottom for juniors is either in or at hand, enjoy February.


    Looks like your call is on point, let it run!


      Back office at IKN has several contrary indicators worked out, one of them is the “nervous about your top pick’s price action” mail.

      The indicators aren’t anything deep psycho, just basic rules applied. eg Steve Bannon knew on January 5th what was about to go down on the 6th because once you know the script, the herd is easily predictable. It’s only a mystery for those on the outside.


    I don’t want it up too fast, I have a few more dollars coming to me in the spring and would really like to pick more up at current levels or better.


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