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A comment on comments

There’s a change gone on around here. 
Up to now, your author has slapped all the draconian controls on commenting at IKN (you needed the Google account, you needed the antispam word, you needed the author approval) before any comments appeared. This was due in part to those fine upstanding members of the interwebs we know as “anonymous haters” but mainly because IKN Nerve Centre was getting inundated by spam comments (and we were talking dozens per day, people..really boring). But THE GOOD NEWS is that those nice nerdy types at Google have recently implemented a antispam comments program that’s supposed to filter all these out before they get published, so as from today and by way of experiment comments at IKN are automatically published and need no form of Google account, either. If it works, it’ll stay this way. 
The bottom line is that commenting is now much freer and easier round here. If heaps of spam and/or haters show up we’ll go back to the draconian ways you’ve learned to love, but if not the spirit of free speech has managed to invade this humble corner of cyberspace at last. Thank you for your attention, please be having that nice day you promised yourself.

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