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A cool 1942 map of South America

Via twitterpal Mark Healey, check out this most excellent 1942 map of South America published by US shipping company Moore-McCormack Lines. No pasting of the map here as it’s best seen in-situ (you can zoom in and all sorts), but here’s the little blurb that goes with it to give you an idea.

“Color pictorial map. A most attractively designed map by Ernest Dudley Chase, the cartouche featuring intricately drawn vignette images of important buildings, scenic spots in South America and portrait of Simon Bolivar. In addition, on the map there are small vignettes featuring the attractions of the countries: Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia, British, Dutch, and French Guiana. Shows Moore-McCormack cruise routes from New York to South America. The map is decorated with pink, black and yellow compass. Relief shown pictorially.”

Go see here

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