Take physic, pomp

A couple of safe assumptions about Fiore Gold (F.v)

It had a good 4th calendar quarter of 2020.

A lawyer in Vancouver heard how good it was yesterday.

Disclosure: Long.


    I like your style and forthrightness. Even if they have found some new mineralization, this is a challenging project. Look at the pitwall angles, surgical mining?! Also a bit bitter that Alan Branham and Midway gold FUBAR’d their investors(me included). Thank you, Salud!


    yes someone knew and another great call from the smartest guy he knows! Keep up the posting from your bachelor apartment.


      There are so many things you will never understand. For one, how this blog is not written for adults with the brains of 14 year olds. Tell me, how much does it irk you that I have a decades long track record of success? Got the guts to have a real conversation, or is it just throwing monkey poop?


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