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A detox rebuttal

After yesterday’s OT post, A. Reader (who prefers anonymity) writes in with a good, strong and well-reasoned rebuttal. I asked for and received permission to reproduce it here and so here you are below. 

I’m with you most of the time, but this is just not based in fact. What Ernst says is biased and untrue. It’s in the best interest of modern medicine to keep people sick… that’s obvious. 
There are certainly quacks peddling snake oil, but making a general statement that detox is a sham is irresponsible. 
The reader that left the comment is equally naive. “the remainder is potentially harmful, having circumvented most or all of the safety tests that “conventional medicines” must pass.” 

Do a simple Google search on how many deaths occur annually due to properly prescribed, “conventional medicines.” The FDA is the scam, in it with the pharmas that pay their bills. Put that up against 99% of vitamins/herbs/natural therapies, then write me back with your findings.

BTW, my degree is in public health and biology. I’ve spent 30 years experimenting with my own health/wellness and eat mainly organic and taking natural supplements. I’ve detoxed plenty, and every time I feel better, perform better and increase my energy levels. 

What angers me is the continuous efforts of seemingly well-intentioned people, like your reader, who make irresponsible statements like, “I wish these places would be closed down.” Why? So that we are finally restricted to buying only the “pharma approved” true poisons?  

Lastly… I’ve watched 6 family members and friends die from cancer whilst on modern chemo/radiation treatments. The “recommended” course of action by the mainstream. I’ve also watched several completely heal themselves with natural, herbal and meditative therapies. 6 are dead, 3 are alive…

Like I said in my opening statement, this is not based on fact, and continuing to trumpet that horn misinforms and harms. 

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