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A FIVE YEAR PLAN, COMRADES! Joseph Stalin is P.T. Barnum PhD’s new role model

Propaganda is as propaganda does*. This desk was under the impression that the type of long-term dictatorial (oops, typo) directorial centralized policy now being proposed by Novo Resources (NVO.to) had been left in the 20th century, but P.T. Barnum PhD has other ideas:

Mining Review Delivers Optimized Five-Year Plan

Click the title for the NR and the real giggles, not least because Novo Resources (NVO.to) shareholders should be far more concerned about the next five weeks than the next five years. But hey, let’s get a new angle going! You can almost hear this snake oil salesman ordering “Spredders” to quit with the sooking. “Get the true believers locked in for years, ya drongo, not months! Haven’t you ever run a junior before?

My stars, how far we have travelled since John Kaiser told us about the 200m ounces (or was it 300m? I forget) just lying around on the surface of the Australian outback. All those lovely shiny ounces had been waiting for, all those millenia, was a genius visionary geologist to come along with a retroexcavator and scoop ’em all up. A plague o’ both your houses.

*As Joanne Jobin knows. Hey Quinton! She can help you out! Throw her twenty grand and she’ll whoop “Awesome!” in public about your plans, all day and night.

PS: By the way, today’s NR changes IKN’s position about what AEM/KL will do with its shares of Novo Resources. If I were Makuch and read that NR from top to bottom, I’d be on the phone telling some underling to Make Like A Shepherd** and dump every single attachment to NVO before the mess ends up staining the company’s reputation in Oz. It’s one thing to remain loyal, quite another to open your U$20Bn market cap company to the headline-making pushback this joke of a junior will generate when it all comes crashing down. Stick a fork in NVO, it’s done to a turn.

**Get the flock outta there

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