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A free offer from IKN

Okay, here’s the thing, in four easily digested parts:
1) From time to time I get these mails asking about the difference between the stuff you see here on the blog (basically a mouthy dude mouthing off) and The IKN Weekly (where I try to shut the mouth down and do some work). 
2) After doing the necessary DD and things, I’ve identified a precious metals exploration stage junior miner working Latin America with a project that I like enough to buy.
3) This weekend’s edition of The IKN Weekly, IKN336, will run the analysis on the company.
4) Anyone who’d like a copy of the fundies analysis I’m running on this company in IKN336 can send a mail at the normal address… 

otto.rock1 (AT) gmail (DOT) com
…with the title line “Free Analysis Yes Please” and I’ll send it to them, free gratis for nothing and for no money. You’ll get the report on Sunday evening at the same time as subscribers to The IKN Weekly. 
As easy as that, but there are a couple of details to mention:
a) I currently do NOT own this stock. I plan to buy, but I will NOT buy any until next week (it’s the way things work round here, we keep it clean in good times or bad).
b) However I greatly value the people who send me money which is then transformed into goods and services that keep my children fed and clothed and with a roof over their heads, i.e. my current subscribers. Therefore I’m going to tell them the name of the stock in question on Friday morning.
c) The free offer is NOT for a full edition of The IKN Weekly, you’ll only get the fundies analysis of the company in question. The Weekly has other sections and those are for the people that pay.
d) If you mail in for the offer I won’t bug you with spam mail, offers, follow-ups or anything else of that sort. The dumbasses like Casey Research who run that type of promo drive me nuts, I’d never stoop to their level of marketing mediocrity. This is a one-time deal, pretty promise.
So that’s the gig: 1) Send me your mail address with the right title line 2) get a fundies report on a decent looking trade prospect Sunday evening. Please be having nice day yes thank you.

UPDATE: Holy excrement, that many? Okay, word is word after all.

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