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A good copper webinar…

….worth an hour of your weekend, this link takes you to the recording of Alistair Ross of Rockcliff, Brian Booth of E29 and Leif Nilsson of Surge talking copper, the EV revolution, future tech, Covid and all things related to the future demand of the metal on Friday morning. In a world of mediocre webinars this one stood out this week, all three panellists had sharp insights and opinions that dovetailed well. Each CEO then got his window for a concise pitch for their own company, which is all fair and made sure the main topic debate stayed on-point. Also kudos to the questioner, who asked the right questions and then got out the way, good job all round.

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    Tim Cerro de Pasco 03/05/21 2:54 pm

    Now if only the International Copper Study Group would be so kind as to confirm a pending copper shortage I could get belatedly excited here. After taking 400% on my Capstone, sorry Crapstone, stock. Cheers Otto. Doug Beattie.


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