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A great freebie for mineheads: This month’s edition of The Colombia Gold Letter

There’s a new subscription newsletter for junior miners out there and this post exists to tell you about it. It’s called the Colombia Gold Letter and, as the names suggests, its focus is strictly on what’s happening in the gold (and other metals) mining scene in Colombia.

It’s published once a month and run by a guy named Paul Harris, who lives in Medellin so gets to report from ground zero about what’s going on there. He’s also an independent voice and steeped in the right experience, having covered the mining sector and analysis of its companies for 12 years and with nine years in LatAm (the last four years in Colombia and before that five years in Chile). Full of insight and useful information, your humble scribe has had the opportunity to read the last four editions (it’s a new thing, only six editions old) and it’s been suitably impressive in its coverage every time.

It’s a paying subscription service and the cost is U$500 U$200 per year*. However, Harris has agreed to let you guys read the February 2012 edition that is fresh out the bag today January 31st 2012, as a pure 100% freebie to show you what’s on offer. If you’d like to read this freebie, just mail me at the usual address….

                        otto.rock1 (AT) gmail (DOT) com

…. and I’ll send you the link by return. But please put “Colombia Gold Letter Freebie” or similar in your title line so that I know what I’m looking at (and no, your e-mail address isn’t used for anything else in any way, 100% guaranteed, we’re all friends here).

I am not making any money of any sort for this recommendation, no fee, no commission, nothing. I do get a complimentary subscription from Harris, but that started before this post was ever conceived. All I really get from recommending the Colombia Gold Letter to you is a bit of reflected glory, because it’s good to share quality amongst others.

*Wires crossed for a moment, but Harris tells me the annual for retail subscribers is U$200, not $500.

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