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A little extra on today’s Minera IRL news

This humble corner of cyberspace brought you the news yesterday of course, so today’s official English language NR from Minera IRL to announce the resumption of drilling at Ollachea (a big step towards the Cofide U$240m funding and the re-listing of the stock) shouldn’t have come as a surprise to IKN’s highly esteemed readership. 
But did you see the detail at the bottom of today’s NR? Here’s a screenshot:
Yup, despite rumours to the contrary Diego Benavides is still President and CEO of Minera IRL SA. Meanwhile, seen the instigator of the lying campaign against Benavides recently? Here’s a clue: You won’t see Jaime Pinto in Relapasa, he got canned from there as well as from Minera IRL. Here’s another clue: He’s the one driving a recently purchased and rather shabby looking second-hand Toyota Tercel around Lima. He’s also been keen on reactivating his LinkedIn account, as this screenshot from my mail inbox shows:

This type of auto-send is what desperate and out of work executives in Peru do to fill in time and reach out (retch out) as they pray for a new paycheck before having to defend themselves in court. Sorry Jaime, I don’t want to be your friend.

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