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A little in-house post about the free subscription services

Otto has had his back-office hat on this morning and after studying the recent site stats for….oooh, must be 47 seconds or so I’ve noticed that there are plenty new readers on board lately that have turned into regulars. That’s really wonderfully wonderful and it’s great to have you along for the ride. So here’s a quick post to point out a couple of 100% free and very easy ways to keep up with the blog, namely the free e-mail subscription system and the RSS feed. You’ll find the links to both services up there on the top right of the page.
  • With the free e-mail subs service, all you do is click on and put in your e-mail address. Then check out your inbox for the confirmation mail. Once you click on the confirmation link included you receive a a mail every day at around 7am EST (kinda midday to 3pm in Europe) that includes all the previous day’s posts. Couldn’t be easier!
  • With RSS, you click on and then confirm which kind of internet reader you want to use (personally, I use Google reader via my iGoogle homepage…very neat and convenient). Once you’re on board you receive the posts as they happen (ok, there’s a bit of a lag, but it’s normally just a few minutes). Again this method is 100% free, gratis and for nothing.
Also please note that the service provider is Feedburner, part of the Google family. This means that I can give you full guarantee that neither myself nor the service provider will hand on your mail address or any other details to third parties. Take that to the bank. So if you feel like signing on the buttons are over there on the top right. Great to see new people here, and even if you don’t decide to use the subscription services it’ll be great to see you returning directly to the site.

Chau for now, Otto

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