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A message for the incredibly open and transparent Tahoe Resources (TAHO) (THO.to) people that drop by this blog

This from Tahoe Resources (TAHO) confcall yesterday:

We will comment on material news and events, but we will not and cannot address news headlines that are dead wrong and blogs that are nontransparent as to sources and are quite slanted, to put it as nicely as possible.”

This from THO’s NR dated May 1st

Tahoe’s Guatemala security manager was detained by authorities on Tuesday due to the highly charged atmosphere and inaccurate press reports about Saturday’s events. He has not been charged with any crimes, and the Company expects him to be released when the government investigation is complete.

And then there’s this, also May 1st:

As for its security chief, Ira Gostin, Tahoe manager of investor relations, said in an interview Wednesday that Rotondo was detained by police at the airport, not arrested, and that he voluntarily turned himself into police.“He was not fleeing,” Gostin said. “He was leaving the country on leave and once he found out that he was wanted for questioning he immediately turned himself in.”Still, that Rotonda was looking to leave Guatemala a few days after a violent incident under his watch at Escobal was sure to raise questions about whether there was a link between the weekend violence and Rotondo trying to leave the country.Gostin said there was no such connection.“No – it is a coincidence,” he said.Gostin added, as context to the detainment, that “the reality is that Mr. Rotondo does not carry a weapon. He is not armed. He’s the head of the (security) department. He is not a security guard per se.”

So far so good. Now this dated July 10th

The security management contractor, who is no longer engaged with the Company, was later charged with causing injuries and obstruction of justice. The Company continues to cooperate with Guatemala authorities and will comment further when appropriate.

And now compare the way in which Tahoe Resources likes to drip-feed the world its bullshit and the way in which it was reported at IKN, for example herehere and here. By way of an example…

“According to recorded audio evidence offered to the court trying his case on Monday, he ordered the guards under his control to “Kill those sons of bitches” (exact Spanish phrase used “Maten esos hijos de la gran puta”) seconds before same guards shot the protesters outside. After the incident he also ordered his people to clean up any evidence of the shootings at the scene and is also accused of altering a police report on the incident.”

Basic fact: If a company like this has to contradict itself in its own puff-pieces, you can be 100% sure there’s a whole bunch of extra shit it’s not revealing to the sheep-like investment community who still, after all these years and after being raped by two-faced scumball junior mining companies left right and centre sans cesse, tend to believe people when they’re wearing suits and speaking in serious voices. Yes indeed, these are the people who look down their noses and give it the “ewwww, it’s a bleerg” at places such as this tiny corner of cyberspace on any snippet of uncontrolled information they don’t care to read.
White man speak with forked tongue.

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