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A message for those #StuckInPeru

As these words are written, Saturday March 21st midday-ish, over 400 British citizens, over 1,600 US citizens, several hundred Canadian citizens (I do not have the figure) and other citizens of other nationalities are creating, passing round and signing petitions to complain they are “Stuck in Peru”. They are angry with their embassies for “abandoning” them, they are bitter that other nationalities have benefited from relief flights, they are worried about members of their groups with underlying medical conditions. They are demanding the resignations of ambassadors, tweeting messages to celebrities to try and find a sympathetic ear, in short they are making a massive fuss.

A message for you people:

Drop the privilege. Stop thinking you are special, different and deserve more than the people around you. It is not fair and we realize it is not fair, but Covid-19 is not about you. People all around you have already made sacrifices, now it’s your turn and the thing about sacrifices is that they do not get handed out evenly. Chance has handed you one that is slightly more onerous than the average, but you better get it through your skulls immediately that yours up to now has been a life of privilege. It’s your turn, at least for a while. Sit down, STFU and start thinking of the collective for once in your lives.

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