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A new buy recommendation coming in the next edition of The IKN Weekly and another word on the price rise coming in April

This weekend we have a new buy recommendation coming in The IKN Weekly. and in true “give us a clue” teaser style here are two hints about the company: It’s a junior miner and it’s in the LatAm region. And by the way, worth mentioning that your author (and hopefully the Weekly clientele) have funds to purchase new positions because one thing we do round here is tell you when we’re selling too. We also keep the recommended list to a maximum of 15 positions at all times, as in that way you don’t end up with a portfolio of 187 stocks bought on margin cos you never sell any with 3/4 of positions so long in the tooth you can’t even remember when or why you bought them. Know that feeling?
As for the upcoming rise in price to $40/month (or $400 per year) programmed for The IKN Weekly April 4th (and announced here) I’m kind of surprised but happy to say that since that post we’ve had 15 new subscriptions added to the list, which isn’t bad for three days (in my little world, anyway). So I suppose this part of the post is a soft promo for the service that’s saying “hey, come join the gang before it gets a touch more expensive”, because if you join up before April 4th you’ll be grandfathered on the present $25/month (or $250/year) price and won’t pay the upgrade.

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