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A normal Bolivian wedding present: A house

Coming to Sucre and Cochabamba soon………
Over the weekend in a public address in his home patch of Villa Tupari in Chaparé, Professor Evo Morales (known as a natty dresser and President of the fastest growing country in South America) said that:

“The state will provide a house to any couple that gets married.”

Honestly, this is not a joke. The population of South America’s poorest country has just added a 6th social program to provide its poorest citizens with a basic need, that of a house to any couple that gets hitched. Evo continued:

“This will be our (social) program and the government is obliged to attend this need.”

And don’t think for a minute that he won’t come through on this one, because the other five social programs and payments launched by his government so far have been resounding successes, including the old age pension, payment for meals for schoolchildren, the pre-/post natal payments for mothers who attend hospital during their pregnancies and make sure their young babies get all the necessary care until the age of two, and one-off payments for ex-soldiers who saw combat in the Chaco war. Bolivia runs an annual average of 22,000 marriages per year. Something tells me that we’re about to see an acceleration in that statistic. Meanwhile, what has your government done for you lately, blue-eyes?

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