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A post on Frank Giustra, but only due to popular demand

I’m now getting “Oh Otto why oh why oh why haven’t you mentioned anything about Frank Giustra and the secret Swiss bank account yet?” type mails, so if only to stem the flow  here’s a link to one of the many reports about the Swissleaks and how Frank Giustra has $10m stashed away in a secret Swiss bank account.
But seriously, is anyone shocked? I mean, on reading it I was “well yeah, that’s what slimy, shady bizpeople do” and if it’s $10m, it’s probably little more than his own personal parachute money that’ll keep him from penury if other things go wrong. Because rich people fear being poor more than anything else in the world. They really are that fucking stupid.
But back to the subject and if I were Frank, I’d be more embarrassed about being found on the same list as Phil Collins.

UPDATE: This post was intended to stop mailflow on the subject, not cause more. If you didn’t get the subtext I will therefore spell it out clearly: I do not care about how much money Frank Giustra has or where he keeps it, so stop mailing me on this. His continued failure to honour his word tells us far more about the guy than his chequebook ever will. 

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