Take physic, pomp

A postcard from Dr. Copper

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UPDATE: Received from regular reader ‘MP’:

Dear Dr. Copper,

I’m glad you had a pleasant day trip and, more importantly, that you are now back safely. May I suggest that in the future, given your age, sky jumping is not recommended as a method of transportation.


Concerned Long Investor

UPDATE 2: Here’s one from mastercharter Gary BiiWii:

Dear Dr. Copper:

I hope you enjoyed your little ‘trip’. If so, you will be pleased to know that your daily chart is not looking good.

In the event you find your vital signs flat-lining sometime soon dear doctor, do not panic; your colleagues over in the financial world will seek to resuscitate you pronto.

You die, they die. They will do what it takes to pull you through. Meanwhile, enjoy the trip to 2.40

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