saucy doubts and fears

A quick list of 3q16 financials…

…according to the crazy views and biased, uneducated opinions of your humble scribe after first scans of a bunch of 3q16 financials from producing miners, filed between last night and this morning:

  • Torex: Good. Not my fave for non-ops reasons, but undeniably good economics at the mine and it’s now delivering well
  • B2Gold: Good (see previous post)
  • Kinross: Crappy (and before you point to the impairment, the Maricunga snafu was their own fault, the hit is a real one and not just accounting)
  • Wesdome: Reasonably good, though “difficult conditions” for the Kiena drilling is a slight bummer…patience needed I suppose.
  • McEwen Mining: Mediocre, will the market give Robbie Mac his usual free pass?
  • HudBay: Good, impressive costs reductions, but still not making enough money to pay down the debt significantly. 
  • Great Panther Silver: You mean it actually managed to deliver a quarterly net profit for once? Okay, not much of one either, and did you see them slip in the paperwork for an equity raising late last week, all quiet and under cover? No? Well I did. Jeesh you gringos will buy anything…

Other names, no opinions. Have a pleasant morning.

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