Win us with honest trifles

A reminder on how to use junior mining’s paid pump whores

People such as Critical Investor, happy to accept modest cash payments in order to pump a stock while insiders are selling theirs. Ready to accept all offers, he has sucked deeply on the throbbing member of Frank Giustra and his band of white collar criminals for years and it was never so obvious as the way he led his dumb readership to financial ruin over Fiore Gold (F.v). Meanwhile, over in the real world (and all on-record, unlike the fantasy world of these pump whores) The IKN Weekly waited until you suckers had been shorn by Giustra’s mob out the gate, then picked up F.v shares at the bottom and made a mint. So, take the advice of someone who’s seen these pump whores come and go: Use them and abuse them, that’s all these human wastebins are worth.

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