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A report on copper worth reading

Loooong-time reader DC has my back with the work done by Goehring & Rozencwajg, a small but highly regarded team in natural resources investment. So when DC sent over a link earlier this week I knew it would be worth my time and its worth yours, too, click here to go to the page and download your free copy, once you have you’ll learn on-topic data on the history of copper supply and what that means for the metal and its price in the years to come. Excellent reading material, get smarter on this year’s hottest metal commodity. To whet your lips on the subject this chart is from the report, the words surrounding it particularly insightful:


    Now if Excelsior can just minimize the impact of the carbon dioxide on their fluid flows, and increase flow rates, we could have a ten bagger from here. I believe it will happen.


    Great report – thanks for sharing, but frightening to think of how the next generation is going to have to deal with limited copper supply in an ‘electrified’ energy system. A few years ago we were made to worry about peak-oil; peak-copper looks like it may soo be a reality.


    Analisis solido e interesante.Gracias por la informacion.


    Excellent report, thanks to you and DC for the share. I have never heard of this investment agency before today. They have a good understanding of the influence of geology on Cu production from porphyries. But they seem to have lost that degree of understanding in their discussion of silver price at the end. The reality of silver production primarily as a by-product from other metal mines is not mentioned. The super high possible price mentioned ($750/oz Ag) seems unlikely.


    surely there are a lot more tonnes of resources below the .25% cut-off that will become mineable when the copper price goes up?


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