Win us with honest trifles

A resource valuation primer, courtesy of Levon Resources (LVN.to)

This short post is designed for people who are beginning to get interested in the junior exploration stage mining sector, believe this to be a good time to move in and buy cheap stocks and are looking for companies that have beaten down share prices but also properties of merit that might become mines one day down the line. What we offer you today is a simple baseline, a benchmark if you like, which comes via two simple statements:
1) The resource announced by Levon Resources (LVN.to) in this news release today is worthless. For sure the market might price some optionality, marginal or remnant value to it but in reality it is completely worthless. Zero dollars, zero cents.
2) With that in mind, open the NR and have a good close look at its contents. With the application of some brainpower, memory and a little good fortune you’ll learn to recognize this benchmark level next time around.
That’s all. Apart from stating another fact, that there are very few places where you’ll see straight truths about mining company resources put into print in this way. There will always be a thousand people encouraging you to buy these type of stock and if you don’t know why that might be you’re better off walking away from the junior mining world right now, before it’s too late.

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