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A return to Mount Stupid

The wonderful SMBC created this in 2011, you can see the original right here.
One of the things I’ve noticed over the years of doing this blog is the evolution and development of mailbag received. I still get corrected by readers, but because the normal subject matter has become evermore focussed on the mining world and the political and socioeconomic situation of Latin America, the corrections tend to come from people who actually know what they’re talking about. These days, mails come from people with a nuanced grasp of the subject matter and they, almost invariably, are pleasant and constructive people with which to have an exchange or conversation. 
…if IKN dares to stray into 1) a current affairs hot-button subject that’s 2) political rather than about technical mining matters and 3) on matters happening in the English language world, the mailbag is suddenly filled with missives from people who proudly inhabit the very peak of Mount Stupid. It happens when I mention words like “Clinton”, “Trump”, “Israel” or “Immigrants” and this morning, thanks to yesterday’s personal desire to pay tribute to Jo Cox, I’ve been treated to several doses of Mount Stupid fodder from a bunch of people who are, to use the vernacular, fucking idiots. Here’s just one example:
“Jo was a young, fairly attractive, publicly likable pro-Remain…and I
wouldn’t bet 2c against the possibility (?probability) that she was
“sacrificed” in a false-flag assassination ordered by the pro-Remain
powers-that-be (in Brussels, BIS, City of London) to gain public
sympathy. Brexit requires nothing more than Britishers with at least two
neurons that still communicate. The question for me is whether there
will actually be a real vote, or perhaps better said, a true outcome of
the vote…I have my doubts. Guess we’ll see.”
IKN thanks all readers who reside on Mount Stupid and have taken the time and effort to write in this morning. You have reminded this humble scribe about many aspects of his work, not least the way that the mining company scam runners and immoral promo marketing pushers will always have an audience. Einstein was right.

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