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A Seeking Alpha management implosion over the $10/1000 views stupidity?

Unofficial word has it (and it’s a tweet from zerohedge which is an unofficial as it gets) that Boaz Berkowitz, the guy that just happens to be Seeking Alpha’s Director of Contributor Relations, has been “let go” (why does the image of a large black boot making contact with someone’s nether regions spring to ming every time i see that oh-so simple phrasal verb?) by the website. Your author mailed Berkowitz to find out whether this was true and got an auto-response by way of reply 3 seconds later (out of office, limited access to mail), for what it’s worth.
Strange that such a rumour does the rounds the same time that Seeking Alpha’s contributor relations people come up with a cockamamey plan to turn financial bloggers into their ticket to publishing riches and the same moment that its staff send crass and arrogant mails to potential subscribers, innit?

UPDATE: Interesting. When told of the Zerohedge tweet, Boaz wrote back to your author with “Really?  Can you send me the link?  Thanks.” I’m doing that right now, so watch this space.

UPDATE 2: So apparently Berkowitz is in fact planning to leave SA soon, but for personal reasons. He has definitely not “been let go”, as in the zerohedge tweet.

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